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About Web Design with HTML and CSS Digital Classroom

Creating eff ective websites requires an understanding of design principles, as well as the underlying technology that is used to deliver and display content to your audience. The Web Design with HTML and CSS Digital Classroom provides the information you need to design, develop, publish, and maintain websites. Whether you are just starting out in the fi eld of web design, or are experienced with design tools like Dreamweaver or Expression Web, you’ll fi nd this book helpful at explaining the underlying concepts for organizing, creating, and delivering web content eff ectively using best practices.

The Web Design with HTML and CSS Digital Classroom helps you to get up-and-running quickly. Although you can work through the lessons in this book in any sequence, we recommend that you start in at the fi rst lesson and progress through the book in the sequence in which they are presented. Each lesson includes detailed, step-by-step instructions, background information, companion video tutorials, and lesson fi les. The Web Design with HTML and CSS Digital Classroom is like having your own expert instructor guiding you through each lesson while you work at your own pace.

This book includes 12 self-paced lessons that let you discover essential skills, explore web design, and learn HTML, CSS and image editing techniques that will save you time and allow you to more easily create eff ective websites. You’ll become productive right away with real-world exercises and simple explanations. Each lesson includes step-by-step instructions and lesson fi les available on the Digital Classroom website at


The Web Design with HTML and CSS Digital Classroom lessons are developed by the same team of instructors and experts who have created many of the offi cial training titles for companies such as Adobe Systems and Microsoft. Now you can benefi t from the expert instructors and clear, detailed instructions provided by the American Graphics Institute team.

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