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 Automotive Service Technician

You can follow your dream. You can become an Auto Technician, have a solid career … and make good money. The demand for technicians has never been better. Although a good set of tools is needed, they’re just the beginning. Stick with your books. You’ll need a good education. Believe it or not, what you are learning in your classes will be a help. You will use what you learned in Math to help you.

Science is necessary to understand the working of the car. You will need skills to read shop manuals and use computers. You’ll have to be able to deal with customers and coworkers, and write work orders and reports.* If you want it enough, there’s almost no limit to what you can do. Beginning salaries are the same as other trades; experienced technicians can earn $40,000.00 and up.

Some top-notch technicians earn much more! While many students get jobs right out of high school, others may go on to seek a two-year course from the local community college. Many technicians love repairing cars and have good careers doing just that. They may become service managers, race team pit crew members – even auto teachers. Some may own their own shop or manage a shop or car dealership.

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The purpose of an air bag is to slow the passengers’ speed to zero with little or no damage. The air bag has the space between the passenger and the steering wheel or dash board and a fraction of a second to work. Even that tiny amount of space and time is valuable if the system can slow the passenger smoothly rather than forcing an abrupt halt to his/her motion.

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