BiharSong | bihar masti song | folk song of bihar |- A Campaign Song in Bhojpuri

The BJP and JD(U) have released a campaign song in Bhojpuri. It’s called Bihar mein ee baa and runs for 2 minutes and 35 seconds. The song is in response to a popular Bhojpuri song, “Bihar mein ka baa” by Neha Singh Rathore, which criticizes the performance of the NDA government, the deteriorating law and order situation, and the attitude towards migrant workers.

The lyricists of the popular Bhojpuri song, “Ab Garjega Bihar”, have a very personal connection to Bihar. The song was first released in 2006 and is one of the most popular in the state. The lyrics of this tune are very heartwarming. The melody is very uplifting and conveys a sense of pride and belonging. The music video is accompanied by a beautiful, patriotic montage.

The lyricists of Ab Garjega Bihar are Anubhav Mishra, Abhishek Prajapati, and Rohit Naudiyal. It’s an upbeat song and features the lyrics of the ‘Bihar’ film. It’s a popular film with a message of hope to the state. Its uplifting message is resonant for the people of Bihar and for the rest of India.

The lyricists of BiharSong have a wide reach. Many people from the surrounding areas have incorporated this music into their own cultures and songs. The song has a strong impact on the region, and has been featured in Bollywood and South Asia, as well as the Caribbean. The actress and singer Nitu Chandra made her Hollywood debut in ‘Never Back Down Revolt’, where she plays one of the leads.

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