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Essential Skills Inventory Records

You will have completed the Skills Summary form by the end of the Inventory. Using this process as a means of learning the apprentice’s strengths and weaknesses provides an opportunity to give each apprentice immediate, individual and confidential feedback about his/her Essential Skills needs. Inform the apprentice that a copy will go to an instructor or a tutor if an Essential Skills intervention is planned.

Both the apprentice and the instructor are then cognizant of the Essential Skills needs of each apprentice. The information from the Skills Summary can be summarized in graph form (bar graph recommended) individually, or as a group dependent on specific needs. It is also helpful for an instructor to have an accompanying narrative.

The post-inventory will be different for each apprentice dependent upon his/her learning needs as identified in the original ES Inventory. Only the skills that were to be updated are used to create the post-inventory. There is a scale used to indicate an apprentice’s improvement or mastery of the skills.

This post-inventory can be used at a time determined either by the instructor or after a specific number of intervention hours. The administrative directions for the post-inventory are that it is to be given under standard test conditions, that is, each apprentice is to complete the inventory independently and without assistance.

Lastly comment

The time required for each postinventory will vary, but each apprentice must be allowed the time required for completion.

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