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Essential Skills Post Inventories 

The results of the Essential Skills Inventories, completed by each of your apprentices prior to the beginning of your program, indicated the Essential Skills in need of updating for each apprentice. To track each apprentice’s progress, it is now time to complete a post inventory of those same skills.

Please administer the Post-Inventory as a “test”, that is, each apprentice is to complete the Inventory without any help. Ask each apprentice to complete only the questions that are marked. The time required will vary for each apprentice as each post- inventory is different; therefore please give each apprentice the time needed to complete the inventory.

Upon completion, return the Inventories to Trade Essentials (with your program coordinator). The results will be returned to you to share with your apprentices. This will be one indication of each apprentice’s readiness to challenge an exam whether it be the IP Red Seal exam or block exam. If you have any questions, please contact the Trade Essentials office at 620- 3623.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Upon completion of the Essential Skills Inventory prior to the beginning of the program, your Essential Skills Summary indicated that you would benefit from instruction in the Essential Skills shown in the chart below as you prepare for licensing in your trade.

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The results of the Post Inventory indicate which of your Essential Skills have improved, which need further development and those that appear to meet trade requirements. Please note that “meets trade Essential Skill requirement” means that you had the correct response to each question.

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