Few Proven SaaS Solutions for Businesses in 2021

SaaS solutions are taking the world by storm as more and more organizations switch to new, highly versatile enterprise software solutions. Software-as-a-service has become one of the primary methods organizations used to increase functionality, boost versatility, and gain an edge over their competitors.

Most SaaS solutions are entirely cloud-based, so you won’t have to worry about installing new systems and hardware. Moreover, SaaS models are far more agile and cost-efficient than any legacy system, and it’s also much easier to run and maintain. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of SaaS and the most popular options on the market.

What is SaaS?

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is a cloud-based software solution designed to simplify business processes, improve agility, and make scaling much more manageable. These solutions have been around since 2010, and their popularity is quickly growing every year. The SaaS market will reach a whopping $60 billion by 2023.

SaaS is one of the primary technologies used to digitize existing legacy systems and bring them to a new level. Most SaaS software solutions come with all kinds of tools and data analytics capabilities used to improve operations on all fronts. Instead of developing in-house solutions, organizations get custom SaaS solutions that don’t require maintenance or IT costs. 

Key Features of SaaS

Before we get into the best SaaS solutions for businesses in 2021, let’s look at the main features this software provides. 

1. Flexible Payment Methods

Most SaaS solutions come with a pay-as-you-go plan that allows businesses to pay only for the features they need. Moreover, the many available payment methods make SaaS solutions far more cost-efficient than developing in-house solutions. 

2. Automatic Updates

All SaaS providers take care of software maintenance and updates. As a user, you don’t have to worry about any maintenance costs. All future updates and new features are included, so you don’t have to plan maintenance expenses or hire programmers to get the latest features.

3. Scalability

Scalability is often an issue for legacy systems. Investing in new hardware and software can be extremely expensive. On the other hand, cloud-based SaaS software comes with built-in scalability features. In other words, you can scale the service according to your business needs.

4. Accessibility

Since SaaS solutions are entirely cloud-based, your team members will have access to all processes from anywhere in the world. As long as they have an internet connection and a mobile phone, they can complete tasks from remote positions.

5. Security Improvement

Almost all SaaS models come with state-of-the-art security features that are much better than any on-premise software. SaaS software uses advanced security measures such as pre-defined disaster recovery protocols that keep your data safe no matter what happens.

6. Easier Team Collaboration

Once you give out roles to individual team members, they will be able to access the same platform and complete everyday tasks with ease. SaaS solutions promote team collaboration by allowing easy file sharing, access to documents, and other features that help keep the operation running smoothly.

Best SaaS Software For Growing Your Business

These days, you can find a SaaS software solution for all kinds of business processes. Most of them help you simplify complex tasks through automation. Here are the solutions that will help you get the most out of your business operation.

1. Finteza

Finteza is a highly versatile tool designed to help you improve product quality and development. It comes with advanced data analytics tools that allow you to get closer to your audience and tune in your offer according to their needs. 

It comes with tools that can analyze incoming traffic and propose solutions to increase conversion rates. All analytics are done in real-time, giving you the chance to identify low-quality traffic, suspicious activities, monitor bots, etc. 

Finteza is a complete software solution for website feature monitoring, and it comes with dozens of customizable tools. You can tailor the settings to improve targeting based on location, devices, language, etc. With advanced filtering, detailed multi-level reports, and monitoring features, getting closer to your audience won’t be a problem anymore.

2. Salesmate

Understanding your audience means nothing without making sales, and that’s where Salesmate jumps into play. It’s a SaaS solution designed to help you optimize sales through a well-designed CRM interface. The software’s primary application is to help optimize various sales channels, track activity, manage leads, and improve sales personalization.

It comes with tools such as detailed sales reports, product catalogs, simple email management, etc. It’s one of the most popular tools for tracking sales, and it comes with automation features that lead to higher conversions. Not only that, but it’s a simple CRM that helps you stay on track with all leads, contacts, agent notes, and everything in between.

3. SE Ranking

Ranking your website high on Google’s SERPs is not a simple task. It takes a lot of effort and data analytics to get your website to where you want it to be, and SE Ranking is an excellent tool for doing that. It’s widely used by SEO experts and digital agencies because it offers accurate ranking checks across all major search engines.

The software gives you access to accurate information about your website. It monitors traffic, visibility, and proposes solutions to help you improve your SERP. The tool is excellent for finding weak points in your site, tracking keyword performance, backlinks, and other essential site features.

4. Wizata

Wizata’s unique SaaS solution is impressive AI-driven software that focuses on improving product quality, development, as well as manufacturing performance. It uses IoT sensors to generate data on existing production lines to find weak spots and find the best solutions.

It allows you to track your business, create a digital twin of the operation to run various simulations to reduce downtimes. The powerful AI behind the tool uses automation to improve your manufacturing processes, and you can even develop unique solutions based on the data you generate. Wizata industrial manufacturing software is especially effective in industries such as mining, metals, food & beverage, etc.

5. Moonsend

Moonsend is a mass emailing service with built-in analytics and automated marketing features. It offers an intuitive interface that allows you to make sales funnels, manage lists, and build schedules automatically. It comes with all kinds of tools that will help you improve content quality and increase engagement. You can use it to customize newsletters in minutes and track how they work in real-time.

Final Words

The SaaS solutions above are only some of the available tools that help improve your business processes and grow your company. There are many more tools designed for specific uses, but all of them are designed to help you optimize your operation, improve performance, and reduce costs through automation. 

SaaS software solutions are redefining the way businesses operate, and they will get a broader application soon. AI and ML are finding their way into most business processes and industries, and SaaS plays a key role in digital transformation.

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Editor at Find Digital Agency.

She is also a passionate writer and loves to explore new, innovative and digital news.

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