Four different ways the best recruiting software makes life easier for recruiters

It makes a big difference when staffing agencies incorporate recruitment software in their recruiters’ workflow. Every recruiter is keen to work quickly and effectively, thus landing all the skilled candidates for their clients. The need for top talent in this competitive market requires agencies to step up and use all the helpful recruiting resources available.

It pays off to have a robust recruitment CRM platform that streamlines the hiring process. Recruiters who are familiar with recruitment agency software are aware of the benefits they bring. They profit from the sophisticated software features that enable them to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently than ever.

So here are the four main ways having the best recruiting software makes life easier for recruiters.

  • Streamlined and simplified recruiting

The most immediate change recruiters can anticipate is how structured and simplified the hiring process can feel. The recruitment CRM offers a centralised platform where recruiters can store all the data and access that information quickly whenever needed. This reduces the possibility of losing important documents while also providing a quick, accessible online platform. Cloud-based recruitment software enables recruiters to work from anywhere and continue their work at any time of the day without having to come into the office.

  • Better quality of talent sourcing

All the hiring companies want the best candidates. Recruiters can go a step ahead and find not just talented individuals for their clients but ensure that they are well-qualified and best suited for the role. With recruitment software, using social media to identify potential candidates and keeping up a streamlined communication flow is easy. The CRM platform will also integrate well with online skills testing software which helps in vetting applicants and checking candidate proficiency. Recruiters will find it simpler to find, filter and present clients with only the best candidates.

  • Less time on admin, more time relationship building

Recruiting means interacting with many individuals and keeping notes on all the interactions for future use. Essentially, recruiters have to do a lot of admin work and it is time-consuming because of the repetitive process. So, what happens when there is a CRM system that can automate a lot of these tasks? Recruiters will save a good amount of time while also improving their efficiency and productivity rate. That accumulated time can be directed towards networking and cultivating professional relationships which are immensely useful for sourcing the best candidates.

  • Checking candidate compliance is easier

Every placement involves different types of compliance checks. Right-to-work documents are very common. Applicants need to have the necessary documentation that legally demonstrates that they can continue to be employed. With strict GDPR rules in place, recruiters cannot afford to miss out on getting consent from candidates about the data they hold. And the new IR35 regulation also must be strictly observed. A recruitment database software that helps recruiters check all the necessary documentation, send regular reminders about GDPR and act as an IR35 software helps simplify compliance checks.

Choosing the right recruitment software is key

But before staffing firms start looking around for the best software for recruitment agencies in the market, it is necessary to understand that they must find a CRM system that is suitable to their needs.

The wrong CRM can set back the agency in money, time and talent. Recruitment agency software vendors are happy to provide free demos. Taking up these offers helps understand the product better. Recruiters must be confident that the supplier they decide to go with has a product that will boost their efficiency and that the supplier will deliver excellent customer service.

Proper market research, free demos, reading up on objective user reviews – all these help in identifying whether a recruitment CRM is suitable or not.

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