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How OpenAI Transforms Marketing and Customer Service

Do you want to use AI in your business? Consider the benefits: you’ll be ahead of your competitors, impress your clients, and get your work done faster. Plus, you’ll be like superhero with access to all the latest and greatest tools. Let’s get started on this amazing journey!

AI as a Consultant

So, the fresh-faced ChatGPT, which is discussed all over Twitter and Linkedin, can replace your advisor when running your business. 

It will answer questions about choosing a niche, recommend how to start promoting, estimate the results of your advertising placement, choose the most profitable advertising channel, adjust the texts for the site, tell you where to create it yourself from scratch, and most importantly give instructions on HOW to do all of these.

You can have a dialogue directly in the chat and ChatGPT will be aware of the context of your conversation from beginning to end. You can ask questions in any form, he will understand you, or ask again. This is your personal consultant!

The most important thing is to ask the right questions and give real input for the neural network

There are at least two limitations of ChatGPT

The first is that it’s trained on pre-22 results and can’t do marketing analysis for you on current trends, so here goes for now – we’re waiting for a fresh version of GPT-4 this year.

The second thing is that he understands English better. He works faster in English and completely finishes the thought in the same language, while in other languages – dumb and breaks phrases, so I have to write him “Continue.

The third restriction can be xotic news bypassed and I will tell how, but only later in the article, when we get to the right topic.

The Real Business Tasks That Can Be Solved by AI

So, we move on to the real, applied things, from simple to complex, from beginner to advanced level and we will use different services and even telegram bots, based on neural networks.

Promotion! Yes, wow, a robot will help you promote yourself! And it’s free promotion. I’m going to tell you about a couple of ways that I found.

The AI writes the article, and you get new leads.

This is a little more complicated, but it can give you more output. Write an article on Medium or another similar site where anyone can come and post their content.

First you need to outline the future article

You can start doing it in ChatGPT or in specialized services like,,,

It is worth inserting your personal experience into the generated pieces of text, otherwise it will be a failure and the audience will not perceive the publication properly. All the same, the neural network produces rather general texts: unique from the search engines’ point of view, but banal from the readers’ point of view.

As soon as the company has more money, you can switch from free promotion methods to paid advertising, for example, targeting. Here you do not need to get creative, only to come up with the advertising message.

AI in Digital Advertising

Did you ever think that OpenAI and Linkedin are both now Microsoft owned (or partially owned) companies? If they integrate it together it might be the future of B2B advertising. 

B2B Linkedin Ads can leverage OpenAI capabilities to automate their advertising targeting. AI will enable Linkedin Ads to target the right people at the right time with the right message – in a way that no human could ever do.

AI can analyse user behaviour, interests and demographics to create highly targeted ads that reach the right people. AI also allows for more granular targeting, enabling ads to be targeted to even more specific criteria such as job tasks, their recent comments and posts etc.

AI will also enable Linkedin Ads to automate the ad targeting wrinky process. Ads can be automatically adjusted based on user behaviour, such as who is clicking on the ad, how they are interacting with the ad and how they are responding to it. This level of automation makes it easier for businesses to create and adjust their ads quickly, saving them time and money.

AI Responds to Negative Feedback and Comments

Next, your business grows, customers appear, they write feedback on your products or services, to respond quickly and do it in a personalized way we go to the bot we already know and ask for a polite response to the complaint:

AI Draws Illustrations for an Article, a Post, or an Ad

For cool results, an article on or an advertisement on VK needs cool illustrations, and this is where neural networks come into play, drawing pictures from the text toonily.

The popular Midjorney can help create unique pictures for the design of any publication. To do this, you need to download the messenger Discord, find the Midjorney server via search and in one of the Newbies chats give a task to the neural network via the command /imagine

This and not yet the limit of AI capabilities, and networthexposed now we will probably start adding them to various products. Although we have been using services based on neural networks for a long time, such as road navigators, but up to this point, AI has always been in the shadows.

Now many people write “a neural network has generated” or “a neural network drew”, although any program still needs a human being, who will give input data, set parameters and evaluate the result based on his or her life experience.

AI will always be an assistant, not a substitute, but we have to learn sdasrinagar how to use it, so as not to drag ourselves at the tail end of progress.


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