How to use Extraction Hemp oil

There are many ways to use CBD schweiz depending on the severity of the disease and according to the symptoms that are:

1) Sublingual drip method

– Using this method, a drop of cannabis oil is placed under the tongue for the drug to be absorbed into the body immediately through the veins at the base of the language and the buccal This way, the drug takes effect within 5-30 minutes and lasts 3-6 hours.

– This way, the drug will work the fastest. but will not be able to receive much medicine because of the effect Directly to the brain will cause the user to get drunk before

– The amount used is 1-10 drops, suitable for immediate pain relief, relieve stress, help appetite and sleep (20 drops = one cc). If the patient drops in the morning and has sleepiness all day, then reduce the amount and change time Drops under the tongue in the evening or early in the evening to sleep for a long time at one time and spend the day with family by this stupor It will only be in the first 5-7 days used.

2) How to take pills in capsule form

– Use empty capsules. Let the user take the CBD schweiz oil in the bottle and drop it into the tablet, starting with one drop and gradually increasing its use before bedtime. In this way, the drug works more slowly than sublingual drops. After taking 30-60 minutes, the drug will have a more prolonged effect than the drops, which is 6-8 hours, allowing the patient to sleep soundly throughout the night.

– This way, the drug will enter the body through the gastrointestinal tract. Suitable for sleep aids and severe pain relief instead of morphine, it can be taken up to 1-20 drops per day.

3) suppository method

– In this method, there will be a clip to teach how to make a suppository again. (Coconut oil mixed with hemp oil)

– The principle is that the finished suppository enters the rectum. To allow the drug to be absorbed in the colon like a regular suppository, the suppository enters the vagina directly. For the drug to be absorbed into the body through the vagina, Vaginal suppositories are suitable. for cervical cancer or vaginal cancer

– This method is suitable for people with stage 2 cancer or more because the body can receive the drug in a more significant amount than the drops, and ingestion is 1-2 cc or 40 drops ever. without causing intoxication

4) Enema

– This method, in principle, is an enema that is mixed according to the ratio and enters the anus through the tube into the body, for the drug to be absorbed in the colon Directly delivered to the liver, and continues to distribute the drug throughout the body.

– In this way, the body will take the drug as much as possible without intoxicating the patient. Can douche up to 3 times a day, dosage 1-6 cc or 120 drops, ever, suitable for patients with stage 2 cancer and above to allow the drug to enter the concentration enough to kill germs.

How to consume CBD schweiz oil in the right amount for cancer patients, depending on the concentration and physical condition of the patient. Should test from a small amount first.

One cancer patient must consume 60 ml or 60 grams of cannabis oil per person, divided into the following weekly diets:

In the first week, consume the recommended amount. For the body to adapt, people who have never smoked marijuana do not have a high tolerance or low THC concentrations.

Therefore, the principle of use must start with a small amount (1 drop) and then gradually increase to more (the increase in duration should be a month apart). They are bringing the drug into the body as much as possible without causing the user to be a too dizzy impact on daily life, which our body will adjust to being to exercise regularly.

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