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IMDb is an online website where users rate films. Votes are aggregated and then rejigged for accuracy. Though the site is supposed to be an egalitarian tool, most voters are male, so films geared towards men are often given higher ratings than those directed at women. In other words, IMDb uses user votes to determine the Top 250 films. Here are some facts about IMDb ratings:

Although the site is free to browse, you’ll need to create an account if you want to contribute data or rate films. However, IMDb also has IMDbPro, which allows movie industry professionals to post contact information, resumes, and details of ventsmagazine productions. In 2008, IMDb acquired two important sites that track movie box office grosses. These acquisitions helped IMDb expand its coverage of movies. The first, Box Office Mojo, was launched in 1999, and the other is called IMDBPro milenar .

IMDb was started by Col Needham in 1990, in Bristol, England, as a passion project. Needham had seen more than ten thousand films. He then gathered like-minded people to develop a website where users could search for films and actors, directors, and other talent. The website’s popularity has continued to grow, with more than 250 million unique visitors per month. As of 2014, IMDb occupies a full floor in Day 1 in downtown Seattle. In addition, IMDb maintains an office in Santa Monica, California.

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IMDb is accessible to everyone. However, registered users are allowed to edit existing entries, including adding cast lists, credits, and other data points. Changes to titles and images are subject to approval, but the process usually takes 24 to 72 hours. In getliker addition, IMDb’s ranking system is unique in that it allows users to rate movies according to how much they like them, while notifying users of any negative reviews. The site also has ratings, so users can determine which films are the most popular ones on the site wordblog .

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