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Increasing Flu Activity in the Country and How it is Affecting People Around

The headlines show the news of a child’s death after experiencing flu symptoms. Experts suggest older adults be careful because the flu virus may pose a danger to people over 65 years. According to the estimates of CDC, the majority of the flu-related deaths are caused in people over 65 years. The Flu fright has taken a toll already on several states and is speculated to increase over time. On the other hand, sections of the country have started reporting of mild flu activity from yesterday. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has published its weekly report stating that at least one person out of 100,00 in the US is under the influence of flu.

A few states, such as Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Mississippi, are suffering the most. The rate of flu mortality is also going towards the higher side. The increase is noticeable, from 4.9% to 5.2% presently. The significant causes of death, in this case, is resulting from influenza and pneumonia and keeping the consistency active, this time, too, older adults and children. The rates of hospitalization in both cases are very high. For example, it is 3.6% for older adults and 2.2 % for children. Prices are increasing in both cases. There are trending reports from Texas about a 5-year old child who died due to a lack of vaccination. It was the 5th child in a row who dies due to flu complications. News of the death of two older adults came along with that.

The Iowa Department of Public Health is actively looking into the matter. According to several doctors and experts, vaccinations and proper medications are the best possible ways to treat the complicated symptoms of influenza. Millions of Americans have taken injections, and the CDC is further urging anyone over six months of age to get their vaccination done before the flu season takes over.

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