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The evolving field of interactive prototypes

Traditional wireframes, mockups, and prototypes cannot fully account for the interactive nature of the web. For example, page mockups created in Photoshop are static so they cannot demonstrate how text on the page reflows or how a navigation menu expands and collapses. Wireframes have similar problems because they are not interactive. Wire framing and prototyping software has evolved over the years, and a new breed of software and web applications are making the interactive prototyping possible.

These include elements such as rollover buttons, working form elements, the ability to update common page elements quickly, and simple animation. Following are some prototyping and wireframe software resources. Most of these programs are available in trial versions, so you can compare and evaluate them based on your needs. SketchFlow is an application designed specifically for prototyping.

In addition to a built-in library of interactive controls, it also allows you to add animated components and data-driven user-interface elements. SketchFlow also features a feedback system that allows team members and clients to add comments to a prototype and then deliver that feedback to the creator. SketchFlow own is currently included with the Expression Blend software. If you are a full time student, you can obtain a free copy of the Expression software at

Lastly comment overview. Fireworks is a vector-and-bitmap image editor that also includes features for creating wireframes and prototypes. For example, it includes a Pages feature that builds multi-page documents and generates multi-page HTML elements that are specific calmly for the web. It also includes templates for wireframes, mobile devices, and grid systems, among others. reworks

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