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Wendy’s Hiring 20000 People To Get Back Into Breakfast War

When it comes to food chain restaurants, most of them see what their competitor is doing and act accordingly. Wendy’s is famous for providing bacon burger and chicken sandwich, but now they have decided to enter into the breakfast bar with its top competitor McDonald’s and Burger King. Wendy’s executive announced that they are going to hire more than 20000 people across the country to provide a full-fledged breakfast menu to its customers. The new addition to the menu will start in early 2020, making Wendy’s to be a provider of breakfast food items. This new menu is going to feature two premium priced sandwiches which seems to be quite different from Burger King and McDonald’s. The report also shows that Wendy’s will be rolling out its new coffee platform for its customers along with a breakfast menu. Todd Penegor, who is the president and CEO of Wendy’s, said that launching breakfast provides lots of opportunities to the company. Wendy’s didn’t give that much importance to the breakfast menu earlier. But since its competitors are doing reasonably well, they have also decided to give it a try. 

Todd further mentioned that ‘Wendy’s have enough resources and other things to make breakfast menu for its customers. ‘Wendy’s have more than 5900 restaurants all across the United States of America, which means this new rollout of breakfast menu is not an easy task. Currently, the situation is such that only 300 Wendy’s restaurants serve breakfast menu, but it only offers a few simple sandwiches. Now since the expansion is so prominent executives are expecting that there is going to be slow down in earnings. Wendy’s forecasted that earnings per share would be declining by 3.5-6.5 percent. Earlier company expected the growth at the same rate, but because of the new expansion policy, it has gone down.

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